What are non-sparking tools made of?

October 11, 2021

These great tools are made of several different alloys.

●Aluminum copper is a lightweight alternative to many of the heavier copper-based alloys. Although not as strong as beryllium alloys, this alloy can retain its properties.

●Not only are plastic tools at the top of everyone's must-have list, but they are certainly non-magnetic and they never spark.

●Beryllium copper is the strongest and hardest copper alloy, boasting a tensile strength of 1280-1480 MPa. Beryllium copper tools are a must for the toughest jobs.

●Bronze is electrically conductive but does not spark. These tools have a long history in mechanical engineering and combat and are an excellent addition to any toolbox.

●Brass tools are a bit more expensive, they are durable, and have an aesthetic sheen to them. These tools can be stained, but this does not diminish their quality.


What are non-sparking tools used for?

If you are a young professional craftsman or welder looking to build a respectable toolkit for a lucrative future career, then non-sparking tools are essential. There will be many projects that require you to work in highly flammable areas, or on magnetic equipment that could yank tools out of your hands. safety should always come first in situations that involve endangering human beings. working with flammable materials, or powerfully magnetic equipment is tense enough without the constant threat of explosion. If you are interested in obtaining these tools, please visit our website, or contact us for more information.

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