308 Non sparking Chain Hoist

1. Load Capacity 0.5T-16T , Hoist Lift 2.5M,3M ft.
2. Non-Sparking, Corrosion-Resistant
3. Die Forged, Aluminum Bronze Alloy

Product Description

  1. Due to its non sparking feature, the hoist is commonly used in areas where combustible or explosive hazard might be experienced, with unique functions to lift or lower goods as well as assist in parts repair and installation.

  2. Drop forged construction gives the hoist high strength, stable mechanical performance, and long service life.

  3. Material:al-br,be-cu

  4. The simple lifting machine,used for lifting or lowering heavy loads.

  5. 308 Non sparking Chain Hoist

  6. 308 Non sparking Chain Hoist