Non sparking Driver Hex Nut Sleeve screwdriver for socket

■ Beryllium copper alloy and Aluminum bronze material

■ ISO9001

■ Cold rolled

■ Fasten and unload slotted phillips bolts (screw nail).

Product Description


Explosion-proof products can prevent combustible gas explosion from the impact of the mutual friction between tools and workpieces, to ensure safety of personal and property. Widely used: petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, mining, natural gas, oil and gas pipelines, power, pharmaceutical, transportation, gas, coal, oil and other industries, is necessary security tool in inflammable and explosion places. Antimagnetic tools are necessary special tools for electrolytic aluminum factory and workshop strong magnetic field environment. Special tools is forged by high grade tool steel, strong impact resistance and not easily broken, widely used in power, petroleum, metallurgy, ship, chemical industry etc. Orders also are accepted according to customer drawings and samples.